UPDATE: During the Pandemic

As an essential business, Wilcox Electric remains open for business.  We will always be available for electrical EMERGENCIES.  Yet we appreciate the gravity of the coronavirus pandemic and will abide by the directive on 3/30/2020 from Maryland Governor Larry Hogan.  He specifically instructs essential businesses to scale back their operations.  Accordingly, Wilcox Electric will limit the types of electrical work that we perform until the current level of restrictions are lifted

If you have an emergency, please call Steve Wilcox directly at 301-351-4033.

We encourage you to let us know about your non-emergency projects via the form below or by phone.  Our office staff are working from home and taking phone calls.  We would be so pleased to speak with you about your electrical needs, and would hope to schedule your work for the first opportunity we have to do so safely and in compliance with state regulation. 

Thank you! Stay home and stay safe!