Leviton and Samsung Smart Things

Whole-House Automation... at Last


Whole-house automation works optimally with correct compatibility. What does that mean? It means your smart home is most effective when tied together by-products that communicate.


Leviton and Samsung SmartThings created a strategic partnership to help homeowners achieve optimal home automation. Here’s how.


Leviton - SmartThings Home Automation Bundle


Wilcox Electric can now start building your smart home with a package that includes Samsung SmartThings, a wireless Leviton light switch, and a wireless Leviton universal dimmer. Expand your bundle easily with other options like sensors, modules, thermostats, and more lighting controls.


After installation by a trained Wilcox professional, each component functions together to create a more efficient, streamlined, and secure home. In your Leviton – SmartThings bundle you’ll receive:


Samsung SmartThings 


This is your hub. Think of it as the command center or “brain” of your smart home. It lets you control each component or device from one app. You can do everything from turning on or off a light in your home from anywhere you have access to your app to scheduling a random pattern to give your house a lived-in look while away. It also connects numerous devices, including security cameras, door locks, sensors, thermostats, Alexa, Google Home, and more. It can even establish routines for morning, night, and other times of day. Put simply, it connects your smart devices and makes them work together in a way that supports the way you live.


Leviton Decora Smart Switch 


Perfect for residential lighting, the Leviton Decora Smart Switch supports low-wattage LED and CFL technology, and uses Z-Wave technology to connect with your overall home automation system. Control remotely, or use the automation features.


Leviton Decora Smart universal dimmer 


This Decora Smart Z-Wave Plus technology dimmer works with sensitive, low-wattage light sources (for example, holiday lights or a single LED bulb fixture). It provides automation and remote access, presets, a wide selection of fade rates, is scene capable, and more.


What does whole-house automation look like?


Your first SmartThings bundle is just the beginning. Adding smart technology opens a world of possibilities for your home, routines, and lifestyle. As you add features and devices, you can do things like:


• Receive notifications and alarms about your home and what’s happening.
• Automate your home to react to your unique preferences. (For example, turn off all interior lights, turn on the front door exterior light, lock door, and power down electronics at bedtime.)
• Create a routine to turn on lights when it gets dark.
• Activate devices using voice control.
• Control lighting with motion sensors – light up a room when you walk in.

• The possibilities are endless, and a Wilcox installation professional can walk you through some of your options.


Benefits of Home Automation


Although convenience is one benefit of home automation, there are several others as well.


• Keep your home safe and secure wherever you are.

• Monitor your home’s systems while away.
• Stay on top of how your devices are functioning – integrate devices to support each other.
• Optimize your home for energy efficiency so you save money on your bills.
• Change routines temporarily or permanently from one simple app.


Schedule a consultation with Wilcox Electric today


Effective smart homes require the assistance of a trained electrician. It all begins with making sure your products are compatible, and that your home is wired correctly and has a strong enough wifi signal. If you’re ready to make your home smarter, contact the professionals at Wilcox Electric, or call us to schedule a consultation today.

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