Nest Home Automation

Your Nest Deserves Nest Automation


Many homeowners entered the world of home automation with a smart thermostat – and Nest was often their pick. Beyond thermostats, Nest continues to be one of the leading companies in smart home technology. With a solid consumer following, Nest consistently blazes a path by improving its products, and strategically partnering with other smart home companies to create compatible products that benefit consumers.

Nest has also greatly expanded from thermostats. They offer smart doorbells, smoke and CO alarms, door locks, video cameras, and alarm systems. As the available devices for smart technology and home automation grows, so does the demand for professional installers that focus on the electrical aspect of smart devices that need the assistance of an electrician for installation.


The Wilcox Electric team are trained Nest Pros, which is exactly what you’ll need when you make the move to streamline and automate your home.

Nest Products


Nest has designed a network of products that work together to create a more efficient, safe, and functional home. With partnerships that include Alexa, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings, and more, you can integrate Nest products seamlessly into your overall automation technology.


Nest Hello – Nest Hello takes video doorbells to a new level. Paired with Nest Aware, you can continuously record 30 days of video, all in HD. Other features include a 160-degree radius, sleep mode, and night vision.
Yale Door Lock – Nest and Yale came together to produce this highly-efficient keyless door lock. It is tamper-proof and gives you the power to lock and unlock your door from anywhere.
Nest Protect – Feel safer at home or away with Nest Protect, an intelligent smoke and CO alarm. Get alerts on your phone with this split-spectrum sensor technology.
Cameras and alarm system – This range of Nest products was built with intuitive safety and security in mind. Combine the products to create the ultimate home guard – and one that separates you from the bad guys.

Ask for a Nest Pro


Smart homes can only work if put together correctly. With the number of products entering the market, it helps to work with someone who understands smart technology. Electricians are natural for this role – they get how a house is wired together, and what it can handle load-wise.

Nest recognized the need to provide training to these experts and help them expand their skills even further. A Nest Pro offers consumers a big bonus; the ability to automate their home with popular products and ensure it is integrated for optimal performance.


Benefits of Home Automation

There are many reasons to automate your home with Nest products


• Keep your house more secure, whether you’re at home or away.
• Reduce your bills by making your home more efficient.
• Experience convenience; through voice commands, a simple app, or by allowing Nest products to intuit your rhythm and routines.


Schedule a consultation with Wilcox Electric today

Effective smart homes require the assistance of a trained electrician. It all begins with making sure your products are compatible, and that your home is wired correctly and has a strong enough wifi signal. If you’re ready to make your home smarter, contact the professionals at Wilcox Electric, or call us to schedule a consultation today.


Please note that your smart thermostat is primarily handled by your HVAC company. While Wilcox Electric may be able to help integrate and answer questions, the Nest Learning Thermostat or Nest Thermostat E, and Nest Temperature Sensors are a part of your heating/cooling system.

Nest Automation Installation