Home EV Car Charger Installation

Charge your car at home in less time with a level I or level II EV car charger

Home EV Charging Station InstallationAs electric cars become more common in and around the D.C. area, one of the challenges is to locate charging facilities where the cars will be parked. Public charging sations are few and far between, but there is an alternative:


Set up your own EV charging station at your home

For many people, a garage or carport will be the logical place to plug in, but not everyone has access to a garage, so we specialize in creative installations too. We can provide cost effective solutions for vehicle charging situations. We handle design, permitting, installation, and service for vehicle chargers of Level I, and Level II.

Because we are EV owners and drivers we understand the technology from the viewpoint of daily users; our customers get the benefit of our experience as well as the fine work of our EV-savvy electricians. Call us today to for an appointment and have it done right the first time and with no hassle!

Assessments & Repairs

Electrical  code violations are the most common problems that are identified during a whole house assessment. The more common code violations include:

  • Home InspectionLack of GFCI protection
  • Improper grounding
  • Double tapped circuit breakers
  • Open or no junction boxes
  • No covers for the electrical panels
  • Broken or poorly installed smoke and carbon detectors
  • Open knockouts
  • Open grounds
  • Reverse polarity
  • Fuses need to be changed to breakers
  • Service entrance conductors need repair
  • Corrosion in the electrical system
  • Knob and tube wiring
  • Aluminum wiring

Wilcox Electric can help you get your home ready for sale.

A poor report from a professional home inspector can adversely impact the sale of your house.  We recommend fixing the electrical code violations in your home before taking offers, so that there is nothing standing in the way of the sale.  Have Wilcox Electric do a whole house assessment, correct any electrical code violations, and complete any other repairs, before inviting prospective buyers (and their home inspectors) into your house.

Heavy Ups & Panel Changes

Heavy Up Panel InstallThe Washington DC area is known for its great neighborhoods, full of houses with charm and character. Many of these houses are equipped with undersized electrical systems from decades ago.  We still occasionally encounter cloth wrapped service cables and wiring, which become frayed, brittle, and potentially hazardous.

Old electrical systems can be extremely unsafe

These 100 amp systems originally installed weren’t built to handle the electrical needs of today’s homeowners.  Central air conditioning, modern appliances, and always-on computers can overload a weak  system at the circuit panel and cause catastrophic results. Most older panels do not have a main breaker, so a short circuit doesn’t just turn off the electricity, it can result in a major electrical fire.

A Heavy Up is the job of replacing your old panel and service cable with one of a larger capacity. It requires a permit; and a licensed, highly experienced electrician must perform this task. A county official inspects and approves the work, followed by Pepco or another utility company making the final connection at the line side of the meter. The end result is stable power, better grounding,  space for additional circuits, and a main breaker shut off, in case of emergencies.

Ceiling Fans, Attic Fans and Exhaust Fans

Ceiling Fans, Attic Fans and Exhaust Fans
Installing fans can be a nuisance, even for experienced DIYers.  It can be even more of a challenge when dealing with the old wiring that is common to many homes in the DC area.

We can do most installs in less than 90 minutes, when proper wiring and support are in place.

Dedicated Circuits – Hot Tubs, Saunas, etc.

Hot Tub Installation and Dedicated Circuits Many household appliances require a dedicated electrical circuit that runs from the electrical panel directly to the appliance concerned. This applies to dishwashers, microwaves, washer/dryers, and A/C units, among others. If you are installing anything that will require its own dedicated circuit, you are going to need an experienced electrician.

Lighting Design and Retrofitting

Lighting Design and Retrofitting

We advise on lighting and installation to fit any budget.  There are many new lighting products on the market today with varying degrees of illumination quality and durability.  Energy efficiency is a priority for many of our customers and options exist to minimize energy usage.  We can help identify the best options at appropriate price points.

Our Lighting Services include:

  • Exterior Security Lighting, including Motion Lights and Floodlights
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Track Lighting
  • Recessed Lighting
  • Under/Over Cabinet Lighting
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Exhaust Fans
  • Emergency/Exit Lighting

Whole Home Surge Protectors

Protect your Valuable Electronic and IT Equipment with a Whole Home (or Office) Surge Protector. 

Whole house surge protectors are increasingly utilized to prevent power surges from damaging or ruining the expensive electronic and IT equipment in households and in offices.  A surge protector directs an electrical spike into a grounding wire, while allowing normal voltage to travel where needed.

It’s important to know that while a surge may not completely destroy an appliance, over time multiple surges can shorten the life on sensitive equipment, such as computers by gradually burning the wires or wearing down internal parts. We have seen strong surges destroy electronic equipment and household appliances. Ask us about this important element of today’s electrical system. 

Electrical Safety Assessment

Electrical Safety AssessmentWilcox Electric offers a value-priced Electrical Safety Assessment to identify, if present, the most common electrical hazards.

Why Conduct an Electrical Safety Assessment?
Safety and Increased Efficiency of the Electrical System.

We’d like to provide one example of why our Electrical Assessment is such a good idea. A loose connection in electrical wiring is a leading cause of fire. We will look for loose connections in the electrical panel and in outlets throughout the property (the most common locations for such hazards). How does a loose connection develop? Electrical wiring expands and contracts as panel and/or termination points may deteriorate. Such loose connections need immediate repair in order to prevent potentially serious problems from developing.

To improve the functioning of your electrical system, we will perform the following:

  • Check the electrical service panel and wiring
  • Tighten screws and lugs on circuit breakers to ensure proper functioning
  • Apply Noalox on branch circuits’ aluminum wires
  • Check for double-tapped breakers to eliminate overloading a circuit breaker
  • Ensure that the panel’s main breaker size does not exceed the size of the SEC cable entering the property
  • Check all outlets with a tester looking for loose connections, open grounds, neutral wires, and proper polarity
  • Test/inspect GFCI outlets and breakers
  • Survey for proper surge protection
  • Check smoke detectors and make recommendations, if necessary, for full compliance with local electrical codes